2016 Season Sponsorship


Let’s get ready to pull! This once-in-a-lifetime advertising opportunity is ideal for local businesses to reach thousands of enthusiastic consumers, in a very cost-effective manner; offered to you by five local, unique-minded entrepreneurs who see an opportunity to turn summertime-fun into genius marketing, to lend financial hope in this struggling economy.


High-Hitchin’ Tractor Pullers™ is an organization that competes in weight pulls with modified lawn tractors. If you have not yet attended such an event, you may be puzzled. If you went to the endless fundraisers, and County Fairs of 2008, most assuredly, you are already a fan. The five Muskego-based founders began with tossed-aside tractors, and a friend’s garage. After many long nights, the boys were ready to pull. Over the next three seasons, the group quickly became infamous, and feared by veteran pullers. Just like that, they became known as trophy winners, with prize winning tractors, purchased with prize winning pots. They began showing up in poster advertisements and the front pages of newspapers. The High-Hitchin’ Tractor Pullers™ is now hosting the competitions starting with the 2009 season. This is where opportunity lies for local advertisers; but don’t wait, as space is limited. Recipients of this letter are the blue-ribbon businesses of our community, and the #1 choice of the pullers to endorse. As an introductory offer, first time advertisers will be displayed for two seasons (2015-2016), rather than the standard one season period.


Advertisement offers vinyl graphics displaying your name and/ or logo, to be placed on custom built weight sled, and/ or tractor hoods. Various packages and sizes offered. If you really want to be noticed, please see the “Highest-Hitcher” Sponsorship information.


So if your ready to be associated with winners; with your name and/ or logo displayed loud and proud to the summertime masses, as spaces are limited and going fast. Call or email to be a sponsor. Sponsorship is $275 per year.

It’s your time. It’s your target audience. 
It’s your town…

Let’s get ready to pull!

In a time of struggling economy, it is natural, and quite possibly vital; for a successful business owner, to ask; “What’s in it for me?” This page was intended to answer that question for all prospective sponsors.


Q; Is this a “non-profit” organization?

A; High-Hitchin’ Tractor Pullers™ emphasizes that “non-profit” only applies to the club itself; and sponsor advertisements are intended (and expected) to generate abundant profit margins for participating businesses.


Q; What is the demographic, and are they potential consumers for my business in particular?

A; The target audience is ideal for local, brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers; consisting of a diverse socioeconomic background. The fair-going, fun-loving crowds are the consumers who are willing to sacrifice their hard-earned paycheck for fun or luxury; and these are exactly the die-hard masses that will see your business name until it is burned in their subconscious.


Q; How many people will see my advertisement?

A; The jury is still out but one thing is beyond the shadow of a doubt… hundreds, and quite possibly thousands, of locals be focused on the brazen branding of the sponsors. Word-of-mouth marketing is sure to tide over until the next spotting, and the ‘awareness’ factor will certainly generate revenue for all. The introductory offer of two-season display, will double your coverage; as the numbers of the steadfast-fan-base grows.


Q; What type of event features this type of tractor pulls?

A; County fairs, church festivals, summer celebrations, fundraisers, block parties, and pig roasts. You name it; they’ll be there. The club is also open to requests for your feature attraction; and particularly enthusiastic about meeting the needs of generous sponsors. This is the latest up-and-coming trend; and its here to stay, so ride the train, or the tractor in this case, from the time they start their engines!


* Eliminator is owned and operated by High Hitchin' Pullers.

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